Carpenter Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Carpenter?

Carpenter in Doerun:
"Do what you love."
Learn everything be Hands on. Only do it if you love it.

Carpenter in Tampa:
"Make sure you get paid what you are worth."
Do the job right the first time. Work to the best of you ability, As long as. You are going to work, work hard. If you make your boss look good or. Make money you become more valuable and they will tend to take care. Of you. Learn your craft. Be look and act professional.

Carpenter in Portland:
"Accuracy. Safety. Team."
Measure twice; cut once. Keep a sure foot. You can use all the help you can get!

Carpenter in Republic:
"Layed back managent but always a rush."
Pros: It's pretty close to home and not a bad j9b.
Cons: The management is to unorganized.

Carpenter in Waco:
Listen and watch what your supervisor does. Learn as much as you can.

Carpenter in Chicago:
"Passion over Money."
Don't do it for the pay check do it for the love of building things !

Carpenter in Anaheim:
Pros: That it is always something different everyday.
Cons: The boss is a little rude and seems like he takes advantage.