Carpenter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Carpenter?

Carpenter in Denver:
"Its ok."
Pros: Esop is the best.
Cons: Not enough money.

Carpenter in Detroit:
"The amount of hours I would have to work."
Work hard and get along 7be punctual and don't miss scheduled work days.

Carpenter in Baton Rouge:
"Carpenters under paid."
Find a new career. Carpenters are the lowest paid in the construction field.

Carpenter in St. Paul:
"Own it."
Do it nice or do it twice, it doesn't pay to go back and fix what you could have done rite the first time.

Carpenter in Paradise:
"Home builders advice."
Be one with the hammer Do a good job and just hammerin'

Carpenter in Pittsburgh:
Do a professional job.

Carpenter in Buffalo:
Pay is not good-lot of traveling-hard to get payed from customer.