Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Case Manager?

Case Manager in Milwaukee:
Pros: Working with people.
Cons: People with behavior issues.

Case Manager in Springfield:
"Care coordination at its best."
Pros: Able to care coordinate with other disciplines, make differences in members life, able to work independently in most cases, and love flexibility the job offers.
Cons: Poor organizational structure and communication.

Case Manager in Laredo:
"The Workplace."
Pros: I enjoy interacting with patients on a daily basis. I like knowing that they need my help and I will try my best each day to let them know that I am here for whatever they need. I enjoy that while it can be fast paced, I never feel a rush to overwork myself. I get along really great with my co-workers and offer my assistance to them whenever they need it.
Cons: I can't say there is anything bad about working for this company, besides the pay I am very happy there.

Case Manager in Centralia:
"Rewarding but under pais."
Pros: Able to ensure the developmental individuals receive proper care.
Cons: The stress of never being able to say "it is done" due to ever changing needs if the clients. Multi- tasking is a must.

Case Manager in New York:
Pros: I enjoy the people who I work with.
Cons: I don't like the way my boss treats me.

Case Manager in Albany:
"One of the best places that I have worked!"
Pros: I am appreciated for my knowlege that I bring from my vast experiences. I am a resource to my peers. I do not see anyone's work style being micromanaged and as a group we are a high performing unit. The management is always willing to provide resources for education. The work flexibility is beneficial- in that there are employees who start at 6AM to as late as 11AM- all fullfilling a 40 hr work week.
Cons: That I know there are new people that are being hired and their pay scale is above mine, that I am expected to assist in training them, and my pay scale does not seem to be moving to keep in the arket of the region that I live.

Case Manager in Chandler:
Pros: Coworkers, casual environment, close to home, keeps me busy, and I've learned a lot.
Cons: No opportunity for advancement, bad business decisions.