Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Case Manager?

Case Manager in Austin:
Cons: Commute. Cost of Living.

Case Manager in Lawndale:
Pros: I love working with the various clients and finding out what we can do to help them improve their work and social skills. Seeing someone face a challenge and coming up with a plan to solve it. Being able to build relationships with regional centers and families to make sure we are working together for clients best interest.
Cons: Management is more concerned with clients numbers than wellbeing. Not being compensated for the work you do ( monetary, certificate or even a"Good job!"). Benefits are minimal and the employee pays a lot.

Case Manager in Dallas:
"Things to do."
Pros: I live here now.
Cons: It is hot in the summer.

Case Manager in Ormond Beach:
"Remember you are working for a church."
Keep your head down and your ideas to yourself.

Case Manager in Los Angeles:
"Organization is the key."
This job requires extreme organization and memory. Taking notes about all tasks to be completed is very helpful in order to stay on top of every thing. Every conversation, every accomplished task must be noted for yourself and the rest of the firm. Must be able to keep calm under pressure. This job is very stressful.

Case Manager in Fort Worth:
Pros: Customer Service. Help people improve lives and provide hope.
Cons: Pay is sub par. Promotions are limited. Extremely high stress levels. No merit increases.

Case Manager in Ridgeland:
"Jasper county."
Pros: Ridgeland is a small rural community. The community works together to one. Another.
Cons: Too commute back and forth to work, not enough to do in the town you have to go to surrounding areas .