Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Case Manager?

Case Manager in Boise City:
Pros: The clients are good people who need help.
Cons: Obtaining complete records is difficult.

Case Manager in Miami:
"This is home."
Pros: I like the people. Plenty of different cultures. Weather is usually pretty good. Food is great.
Cons: Weather can be uncomfortably hot. Traffic can be miserable. People are sometimes rude. Property is too expensive.

Case Manager in Ventura:
"Over worked."
Pros: Experience and interaction with the clients. Being able to make a difference in somebody's life.
Cons: We are over worked. Case load too high and responibilies do not meet my pay grade. Supervisors do not care about efforts employees give. I drive my own vehicle for work duties.

Case Manager in San Diego:
"Stimulating, Engaging Job, Alienating Pay."
Pros: The sun, the traffic that's not terrible yet, the proximity to Tijuana to acquire affordable dental care.
Cons: High price of living, North San Diego is still too white.

Case Manager in Memphis:
Pros: Low income environment, food, things to do.
Cons: Crime, pay, traffic, city culture.

Case Manager in McComb:
"Small town flavor with big city twist."
Pros: Most everyone knows each other. Traffic isn't bad. Beautiful town, especially in the spring during the Azalia Trail.
Cons: Not enough good paying full time jobs with benefits. Not the best public schools.

Case Manager in St. Petersburg:
Pros: The atmosphere. Saint Petersburg has a lot of restaurants, parks, and sunny beaches that break up the dreary days.
Cons: The traffic can be pretty bad on major streets.