Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Rochester:
Pros: I don't actually like my job, but I can say that I do whatever I can to make sure my job is done every day.
Cons: There's not enough work to do at a gas station.

Cashier in Sugar Grove:
Pros: Good people to work with. Well ran.
Cons: Sometimes unclean. Pay is less than I want.

Cashier in Pretoria:
"Being a cashier takes alot of responsibilty because, we work with money and we must be careful handling cash and also making sure customer come back after a good service given."
Pros: I get to meet people , talk to them , working in a team and always being friendly and smiling .
Cons: Working under pressure and getting furious customers to deal with . The job can be very hard and we must be fast paced all the time.

Cashier in Seabrook:
Pros: We work as a team.
Cons: Hardly any room for growth.

Cashier in Port Elizabeth:
Pros: Love the customers!
Cons: The way the boss runs things.