Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Midwest City:
"Overall pretty good. It gets stressful also though."
Pros: Helping people find what they need.
Cons: When I'm the only cashier up there and customers get angry towards me about it. When hours are cut it is not good. It is hard to gain a full time job.

Cashier in Vista:
"Friendly staff."
Pros: I like working with my coworkers.
Cons: I prefer cashiering and dining room work during the day or mid/ shift. Closing can be challenging if someone calls off.

Cashier in Denver:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Work flexibility.
Cons: Salary.

Cashier in Knoxville:
Pros: Getting to know my customers.
Cons: Push to get credit apps.

Cashier in Greenland:
Pros: Some of the people I work with.
Cons: Rude customers. Hours are all over the board.

Cashier in Hazlet:
Pros: Meeting new people, love interacting with costumers.

Cashier in Glendale:
"Kohl's Cash vs. Human Dignity."
Pros: Fellow employees are helpful and encouraging.
Cons: Wages are below the dignity of employees. Kohl's pays $7.45/hr and expects $15-20/hr of work. Heating and air conditioning not working properly, so everyone is sweating and short tempered, including customers. Customers know that Kohl's will "override" coupons, etc., and are quite simply, abusive to employees. Employees expected to "sell credit," and "capture email addresses," and pressure customers to take online surveys - IN THE STORE, to gain recognition from management...for $7.45/hr. It's draconian.