Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Portland:
"Culture, flexibility, moderate stress level, good mgmt."
Pros: Everyone strives for excellence! We are very supportive of each other. We are proud of the company we represent and the opportunities that are available to succeed, should a person wish to progress. The mindset is mainly to remain top notch in our work and our attitude.
Cons: It is crazy busy at times and very exhausting! There are days where you literally assist customer's for 2 or more hours straight. There is no break in the line of customers. Their needs are so diverse and you think on your feet, minute by minute. I do not feel that most of us are recognized for our speed, exceptional care and commitment to performing as thoroughly and positively with every bit of energy we have!

Cashier in Lee's Summit:
"Normal job."
Pros: Flexible schedule, and outside of that nothing.
Cons: Everything else, they allow fraud, the managers are not experienced etc.

Cashier in Seattle:
"Seek early promotion."
Seek early promotion. Staying in that position for more that 6 months is not recommended.

Cashier in Mobile:
Pros: The customers, the work & the majority of my coworkers.
Cons: The boss, the hours I work decrease in pay, my hours drop when new coworkers are hired & etc.

Cashier in Puchong:
"Less salarry that the girl get."
Pros: I was verry like to be a cashier and prepared a food for customers.

Cashier in Greenfield:
"Good first job."
Pros: Everyone is like family because it's such a small business.
Cons: No opportunity to advance. Underpaid.

Cashier in Roundup:
"My work in a nutshell."
Pros: Customers are the funniest and best part.
Cons: The drama that my coworkers bring in daily.