Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Vista:
"Friendly staff."
Pros: I like working with my coworkers.
Cons: I prefer cashiering and dining room work during the day or mid/ shift. Closing can be challenging if someone calls off.

Cashier in Ontario:
Pros: I get discounts on items. The people I work with are nice most of the time. I get to meet new people.
Cons: I have a lot of responsabilities and don't get compinsated fairly.

Cashier in Midwest City:
"Overall pretty good. It gets stressful also though."
Pros: Helping people find what they need.
Cons: When I'm the only cashier up there and customers get angry towards me about it. When hours are cut it is not good. It is hard to gain a full time job.

Cashier in Puchong:
"Less salarry that the girl get."
Pros: I was verry like to be a cashier and prepared a food for customers.

Cashier in Roundup:
"My work in a nutshell."
Pros: Customers are the funniest and best part.
Cons: The drama that my coworkers bring in daily.

Cashier in Northfield:
"The real thing."
Pros: Lots of good people to work with. Great bosses.
Cons: The stress of the job kills sometimes. Always busy.

Cashier in Oceanside:
Pros: The returning customers.
Cons: No rasie, barely anyone can cover your shift also no vacation paid or holidays.