Chief Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Chief Engineer?

Chief Engineer in Spokane:
"Career choice."
Choose a different career.

Chief Engineer in Augusta:
"Hard and stressful."
Pros: Learning more about your business.
Cons: Unorganized team work and helping out more.

Chief Engineer in Scottsbluff:
"The real pay scale."
Stay with ongoing education.

Chief Engineer in San Antonio:
"Maintaning hotel to full standards."
Everyday a learning experince.

Chief Engineer in Colchester:
"Constantly striving to improve the guest experience."
Be punctual, dress appropriately, be well-groomed, exude a positive attitude, smile and don't hesitate to greet a guest and engage them in pleasant conversation.

Chief Engineer in Milwaukee:
"Hospitality is a 24/7 business."
Be prepared to work some holidays and weekends.

Chief Engineer in Duluth:
"Early work action."
Higher smart people with special skills and when necessary pay them more than you get paid to get difficult things done.