Chief Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Chief Engineer?

Chief Engineer in Atlanta:
Pros: making things work well
Cons: not being appreciated

Chief Engineer in Pittsburgh:
Pros: Not much stress
Cons: Awful guest

Chief Engineer in Clarksville:
Pros: Not micromanaged
Cons: Communication and Quore

Chief Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Should have started this kind of work earlier in life."
Keep going to school, seminars, trade schools, keep learning and staying up on latest technology in all fields, high rises building always need's good engineers, never had a problem getting a job , pays well.

Chief Engineer in Rehoboth Beach:
"Always busy and somewhat stressful."
Pros: Able to express my ideas for the future of the hotel
Cons: I feel I'm underpaid for what I do

Chief Engineer in Pittsburgh:
"City culture."
Pros: Friendly; moderate cost of living; culture.
Cons: Traffic; rough roads; bad winters.

Chief Engineer in Columbus:
"Columbus the place I have to work!"
Pros: The people.
Cons: Morning drivers in rain and snow!