Chief Operating Officer (COO) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Chief Operating Officer (COO)?

Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Miami, Florida:
Pros: Cultural diversity
Cons: Commute

Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Kansas City, Missouri:
Pros: Clients we serve are generally very friendly
Cons: Salaries seem lower

Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Bluffton:
"That the job would be covering more than Operations."
Be prepared for anything. Changes happen everyday.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Granada Hills:
Pros: Friendly, safe environment. Traffic is OK. Plenty of restaurants for lunch. The city contributes positively to the "social determinants of health."
Cons: Really nothing to speak of. I'm good with working in Granada Hills.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Kansas City:
"Great place to raise a family."
Pros: Affordable cost of living, low traffic/ commute, things to do, low crime in Kansas and great schools in Kansas. Do not live on the Missouri side of the city. It has very poor school and very high crime.
Cons: Few major companies and not much industry. Slow growth and lack of upward promote ability.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Tacoma:
"Large City Amenities - Small City appeal."
Pros: Tacoma is close to shopping, arts, entertainment, snow and water sports. Easy commute and great resturants.
Cons: Traffic at times.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Fort Collins:
"Human Resource."
More education on how to handle company human resource issues and company morale key in production.