Civil Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer in New York:
"A challenge - build your place."
Pros: Working in New York has been a great experience. There is a lot of work in civil engineering, but you need to be sure to specify where you want to be and what you want to be doing. Best advice is grt design experience, but push to take on small management tasks as well. There are lots of industry related events, from TransitCenter presentation, WTS events, YPT, and more.
Cons: City is very busy and can be overwhelming. Cost of living is a burden.

Civil Engineer in Holtsville:
Pros: It is very diverse and faced paced environment.
Cons: The vacation time is not enough and should be more.

Civil Engineer in Panama City:
"Leading florida engineering group."
Plan to work 45+ week, 40 for work, 5 to learn.

Civil Engineer in Ayer:
"Civil Engineers can help society."
Pros: Working with Clients to solve their problems. Working with young engineers to teach them what is important.
Cons: Company owners who are: unfocused. Uncommunicative and unappreciative.

Civil Engineer in Orlando:
"50 and counting."
Pros: Solving problems, making successful projects.
Cons: Time sheets, long projects and rushing things out.

Civil Engineer in Sacramento:
"Civil Engineer."
Pros: Designing structures, calculating designs, and developing drawings for production.
Cons: The long intensive time required to focus and complete details.

Civil Engineer in Albuquerque:
Pros: Problem solving.
Cons: Hours worked.