Civil Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer in Raleigh:
"I got into the industry, now its time to move up and move on."
Pros: I like that we have plenty of work to do. There is no down time. The company is involved in every aspect of design and construction managment. There are many, many opportunities for employees to work on interesting projects. The benefits are good. And the office environment is great.
Cons: While the company is large with many opportunities, my scope of work is very narrow. Kleinfelder provides a lot of software to make the design process more efficient. However, it also makes employees expendable. I feel that I have learned all I can with this job. If I want to continue to develop as a civil engineer, I need to move to a compnay that has local development work that requires creativity and more intense, unique designs.

Civil Engineer in Los Angeles:
"I get paid very well."
Pros: There are lots of opportunities and benefits.
Cons: I have to risk my life everyday being on the freeways.

Civil Engineer in Albany:
"Learn a trade!"
Honestly, I don't know! Likely advice for the Upstate NY area would be to move to a more "hopping" area while you are young. If you are looking for advice prior to college: Learn a trade, join a union, save your money (don't waste it early on!), no credit cards. By the time your four years are up as an apprentice (you are, of course, getting paid during that time as well) you will be making as much as I am and you won't be starting with over $1,000 per month in student loans that will last into your 40's. I hope this helps!

Civil Engineer in Oakland:
"The golden years."
Pros: The people at the office are great to work with. The workload is constant, but not heavy.
Cons: There are weeks where you stay extra long after hours.

Civil Engineer in Ontario:
"Great place to start."
Pros: Great place to start, there are many opportunities to work on large scale projects and for quick growth.
Cons: The hours and expected overtime does not allow for a good work-life balance. Responsibilities and compensation do not match up.

Civil Engineer in Salt Lake City:
"That it was tedious and boring."
Study hard while in school and do very well in classes.

Civil Engineer in Juneau:
Pros: Diversity in projects. Good co-workers. Good opportunities.
Cons: Stress from trying to meet required hours worked and feeling like not enough time with family.