Client Services Representative Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Client Services Representative?

Client Services Representative in Berwyn, Pennsylvania:
"New job, new me."
Pros: the area is nice
Cons: the commute

Client Services Representative:
Good place to work with lots of opportunities. The con is dealing with the shortcomings of technology, but it’s tolerable. The people are friendly and concerned with doing a good job. Plenty of support if you’re stuck with a difficult situation.

Client Services Representative in St. Louis:
Pros: Now after several years of no job opportunities the market is finally opening up. A lot of industry has spread to the county which makes it less stressful to get to work. I have lived here most of my life so I have a lot of contacts in many industries. Diverse work force.
Cons: I experienced harassment in banking 27 years ago in 2 different departments and things have not changed much in all of these years. It is still and ole boy network even if some of the leaders are women.

Client Services Representative in Syracuse:
"It's a cold, dark, place deep inside the belly of New York."
Pros: I understand the mentality of the general public
Cons: It's not a place that is built for growth. It is a place of complacity.

Client Services Representative in Mukilteo:
"Great city to work in."
Pros: Away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle but still a good sized city.
Cons: Traffic in the afternoon/evening can be horrid at times.