Clinical Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Clinical Coordinator?

Clinical Coordinator:
The work is rewarding and the benefits are good at this company. Immediate management is really supportive but CEO is non clinical and clueless about what challenges nurses face. Nurse patient ratio is high for the level of patient acuity.

Clinical Coordinator in Dallas:
Pros: The pay is higher than most places
Cons: The traffic

Clinical Coordinator in Sparta:
"Pay rate."
Pros: People
Cons: Drive

Clinical Coordinator in Paducah:
"Not enough staff."
Pros: The patients and employees excluding 1 of the employees
Cons: One of the employees keeps the pot stirring.

Clinical Coordinator in Dallas:
Pros: Lots of opportunities
Cons: Traffic

Clinical Coordinator in Burley:
Pros: What I like the most is meeting people and being able to help them. I like working in my own office.

Clinical Coordinator in Bradenton:
"Very Busy , and stressful enviroment."
Pros: Being able to help people
Cons: Compensation is low for what I do