Clinical Nurse Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Clinical Nurse Manager?

Clinical Nurse Manager in St. Joseph:
"Ever changing, fast pased."
Pros: The patients I care for.
Cons: I do not have muc influence on policy within my large organization.

Clinical Nurse Manager in Fort Collins:
"Big city, small town feel."
Pros: It has everything you want and nothing you don't
Cons: low pay for medical professionals

Clinical Nurse Manager:
CEO believes hearing from bottom up type structure great place to work. Great benefits. Great work environment and team work. Nursing Management supportive of staff nurses and hears out concerns and involves floor staff in decision making.

Clinical Nurse Manager in Ashtabula:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Lack of resources for patients

Clinical Nurse Manager in Scottsburg:
"I love it."
Pros: The family like atmosphere
Cons: Traveling to scottsburg

Clinical Nurse Manager in Minneapolis:
"I grew up in Minneapolis and love it here."
Pros: I love that I can work in a clinic where I am able to use all of my gifts, and I can grow in my leadership skills, while I go on for my Master's in Nurse Midwifery. I love the poeple I work with, and the fact that family and friends can come to our clinic.
Cons: Driving in the winter and the traffic is getting worse all the time.

Clinical Nurse Manager in Rochester:
Pros: Familiar surrounding, home.
Cons: Low wages.