Computer Technician Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Computer Technician?

Computer Technician in Maine:
"Enjoy doing what you do."
No one will ever be happy, and no job will ever be done proper if everyone hate's their jobs. Do what you like to do, and like doing it!

Computer Technician in Burlington:
Pros: I like when I am learning about new pieces of technology, applying them to projects we work on, and then showing clients how to use them. Team is very friendly, helpful and reliable.
Cons: Unfortunately, management is not very concise with its employees. Many things are self taught when they shouldn't be, especially with intricate topics that need to be dealt with a specific way, like when using active directory or how a printers are managed throughout the district. Yes, people individually have special skills that help play a specific role with the team, but that doesn't mean only they should know networking and force others to rely on them only.

Computer Technician in Memphis:
Pros: I love interacting people and also teaching them different things about their computer.
Cons: I love my job very much.

Computer Technician in Seattle:
"Get to learn a lot in a non-stressful environment."
Take it easy and enjoy it. Keep up with the latest and be friendly and open with people and it goes on from there.

Computer Technician in Cadillac:
"Take Notes."
Much of what we do requires revisits months to years later. Take notes for tasks whose details you are not likely to remember months down the line.

Computer Technician in Wellsboro:
"Where not to work."
Do not work for a public school system.

Computer Technician in Srilanka:
"Computer technicion."
Pros: I love computer tech job.