Computer Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Computer Technician?

Computer Technician in Miami:
Pros: I like the weather and cost of living.
Cons: During tourist seasons the traffic is the worst.

Computer Technician in Webb City:
"Webb City is great."
Pros: That fact that it's in a nice quiet little town.

Computer Technician in Denver:
"Mixed Bag."
Pros: Work from home. OK pay. Experience for the future. Metrics controlled can turn you into a robot.
Cons: Dedicated home office. No raises or promotions. The service metrics are a huge burden.

Computer Technician in Perris:
"Busy but satisfying."
Pros: The development of new technologies in a school setting.
Cons: The time constraints as well as stress.

Computer Technician in Princeton:
"Stay current in the new advancement in Tech."
Stay current in the new advancement in Tech. If not your skills will be worthless in a short time,

Computer Technician in Ames:
"Sitting At A Desk."
Pros: I love the atmosphere, the people, and the hours.
Cons: It can be boring, not enough work at times, and I don't feel like I'm growing my skill set.

Computer Technician in Groton:
"Skills worth more?"
Pay attention to help wanted ads, small wage increases & other people in the same career. If your boss isn't keeping up, take your skills elsewhere. Esp. Once you've become vested!