Construction Laborer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Laborer?

Construction Laborer in australia:
"Hard work."
Pros: The most enjoyable part is driving the machines.
Cons: Getting paid poor for the amount of work I do.

Construction Laborer in Florida:
"Its ok."
Pros: Steady work.
Cons: Pay is not good cheap company.

Construction Laborer in Sacramento:
Pros: Pays ok, compared to other positions starting out.
Cons: It's boring sometimes and doesn't pay a lot.

Construction Laborer in Fredericksburg:
"Hard but helpfull."
Pros: Experience and job satisfaction.
Cons: Sometimes the boss wants something done a certain way and o feel the finished product would look better if done differently but have to do it his way because it is his job not mine.

Construction Laborer in Charleston:
Pros: Being somewhere different every week.
Cons: Extreme hot and extreme cold days.

Construction Laborer in Bloomington:
Pros: I get to learn various positions.

Construction Laborer in Springfield:
Pros: New aspects implimented into job on regular basis. Learn something new every day.
Cons: Long hours, hard work. Rain or shine hot or cold.