Construction Laborer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Laborer?

Construction Laborer in Fredericksburg:
"Hard but helpfull."
Pros: Experience and job satisfaction.
Cons: Sometimes the boss wants something done a certain way and o feel the finished product would look better if done differently but have to do it his way because it is his job not mine.

Construction Laborer in Charleston:
Pros: Being somewhere different every week.
Cons: Extreme hot and extreme cold days.

Construction Laborer in Bloomington:
Pros: I get to learn various positions.

Construction Laborer in Springfield:
Pros: New aspects implimented into job on regular basis. Learn something new every day.
Cons: Long hours, hard work. Rain or shine hot or cold.

Construction Laborer in Dallas:
Pros: Culture stress level work flexibility.
Cons: Management conditions corporate.

Construction Laborer in Reading:
"Hot summer days and cold winter days!"
Pros: I work somewhere different everyday and the health benefits are great!
Cons: I don't have Vacation, holiday and sick days!

Construction Laborer in Cleveland:
"More tricks to the trade."
An apprentice should watch and figure out, the whys and how comes the journeymen did it that certain way. Along with using tools and instrument apparatus.