Construction Laborer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Laborer?

Construction Laborer in Dallas:
Pros: Culture stress level work flexibility.
Cons: Management conditions corporate.

Construction Laborer in Reading:
"Hot summer days and cold winter days!"
Pros: I work somewhere different everyday and the health benefits are great!
Cons: I don't have Vacation, holiday and sick days!

Construction Laborer in McGehee:
"Cheap roofers."
Pros: I like the long hours, the check will make up for the little 8$ an hour.
Cons: I hate when it's 110 degrees and I'm working 13 hour days for 8 an hour.

Construction Laborer in Corbin:
Pros: Experience and knowledge, and being outside.
Cons: The stress, and the timeline to complete a job.

Construction Laborer in Apopka:
Pros: The environment people and opportunity for growth. I like how the company is always growing the looking for new ways to exceed.

Construction Laborer in Chula Vista:
Pros: Its a hands on job.
Cons: It can get very hard. Especialy on a hot day.

Construction Laborer in Austin:
Pros: You never stop learning, and always meeting a new places.
Cons: None.