Construction Laborer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Laborer?

Construction Laborer in Hammond:
"Demanding work, long hours in cold rain or sun."
Pros: The fact that I am creating and helping in aiding the client with a well finished work that is for the goodness of their shelter.
Cons: Too physically demanding.

Construction Laborer in Fort Walton Beach:
Pros: Plenty places to eat, beaches, relatively cheap living.
Cons: Traffic at certain time of day, humidity.

Construction Laborer in Cincinnati:
Pros: The hours.
Cons: The people I work with and how jobs don't get completed in time.

Construction Laborer in australia:
"Hard work."
Pros: The most enjoyable part is driving the machines.
Cons: Getting paid poor for the amount of work I do.

Construction Laborer in Florida:
"Its ok."
Pros: Steady work.
Cons: Pay is not good cheap company.

Construction Laborer in St. Charles:
Join a union and go through apprenticeship program.

Construction Laborer in Dayton:
"Work hard."
Give it your all.