Construction Laborer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Laborer?

Construction Laborer in New Braunfels:
"Feeling used and underpaid."
Pros: Watching transformation before and after.
Cons: The extreme heat working outdoors.

Construction Laborer in Lafayette:
"I won't to weld."
Pros: Learning how stuff works and how to do more stuff.
Cons: The boss men don't treat everybody the same.

Construction Laborer in Raleigh:
Pros: Its fun and provides good coverage.
Cons: Travel alot. All over the country.

Construction Laborer in Anaheim:
Pros: Workers are nice or fun. Jobs straight forward but sometimes rushed.
Cons: Don't get paid overtime.

Construction Laborer in Cedar Rapids:
Pros: Good People. Hard physical work to stay in shape. Hours mostly well.
Cons: Some arguing. Rushed. Lack of employees. No communication. Sometimes work is slow and have less than 40 hrs work week.

Construction Laborer in Carriere:
"About pay scale."
Always check pay scale benefits before agreeing.

Construction Laborer in West Haven:
"It is wonderful."
Pros: Very friendly people.
Cons: The smell at the beach.