Construction Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Manager?

Construction Manager in Naples:
Don't wait make your changes immediately. You can refine them latter.

Construction Manager in Chicago:
Pros: My support structure is in Chicago. - I am a field employee and my job takes me to construction sites all over the country - 100% travel.
Cons: When I go there for meetings I like being there - no complaints.

Construction Manager in Denver:
"Don't underestimate anything."
Pay attention to everything people try to teach or show you.

Construction Manager in Coos Bay:
"Good and bad."
Pros: I enjoy managing people, and the construction industry as a whole. I enjoy seeing projects completed. I enjoy that I have one of the better jobs in our area.
Cons: Are division seems to be poorly managed from the very top. They need to spend more time and money on the employees that are in contact with the customers and more money on equipment. The upper levels of management have forgotten where the money comes from.

Construction Manager in New York:
Must be eager to listen to people of experience.

Construction Manager in Fort Leonard Wood:
"Certifications and Perks."
I wish I would have know more about the right certifications for my line of work from the start and how to implement them into my job by instructing other with the knowledge learned. Understanding the whole picture of the project and getting employees to see it as well through public speaking and understanding the importance of teamwork.

Construction Manager in Amarillo:
"Lack of honesty and care towards employees."
Hang in there.