Construction Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Manager?

Construction Manager in Seattle:
Pros: Near my kids
Cons: Rain

Construction Manager in Atlanta:
"Not Family Friendly."
Know the travel that's involved in this position.

Construction Manager in Middletown:
"Construction Warranty Service Manager."
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Not payed enough and no benifits.

Construction Manager in Johnson City:
"Future Bosses."
To thoroughly understand the organisation before joining it.

Construction Manager in Seattle:
"Stressfful and enjoyable daily life!"
Pros: Innovation development about virtual construction design which reduces the timescale and increases the income.
Cons: Stress and lacking time of my family

Construction Manager in Dallas:
"EMployment Conmpensation."
Pros: I'm given broad responsibility.
Cons: Traffic.

Construction Manager in Baton Rouge:
Pros: The closeness to my home. Fair to excellent continued project opportunities.
Cons: The traffic and commute is pretty substantial and extremely tiring at times.