Construction Project Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Project Manager?

Construction Project Manager in Abilene:
Go out to construction sites and ask questions.

Construction Project Manager in Sacramento:
Pros: The traveling and satisfaction of customer service.
Cons: Stress.

Construction Project Manager in Delray Beach:
Pros: Extremely challenging and satisfying.

Construction Project Manager in Washington:
"What To Know Before Starting."
To be a successful project manager, it is important to be receptive to the information provided by your mentor. It is important to understand the documentation and how it all relates to the contract and the billing. Ask your mentor to give you a flow chart to explain the inter relationship between the contract with the owner and subcontractor and how the filling process works. This will help you manage your subcontractors more effectively. Be sure to have mastery of the blueprints. This will help you write an effective scope of work for your subcontractors. If you do not know how to read blueprints, make sure you get training. In order to excel, be receptive to what you are told and ask as many questions as possible. You will make mistakes - take these positively and learn. Once you mess up a task once, you will likely not make the same mistake again.

Construction Project Manager in Seattle:
"People not projects."
The hardest part about being a project manager who is in charge of a group of people is not managing the project, it's managing the people. Dealing with the human resources side of being a manager takes more out of a manager than dealing with managing the project.

Construction Project Manager in Lexington:
"Tank Construction Manager."
Pros: The challenge. Working wih different people in different parts of the country.
Cons: The stress of handling different issues, the extensive travel.

Construction Project Manager in Bothell:
"Expectation and perks."
Share job expectations & perks.