Construction Project Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Project Manager?

Construction Project Manager in Chicago:
"Awesome City."
Pros: Plenty of construction projects available to build. Good employment opportunities.
Cons: Work commute is excessive which leads to added stress and less leisure time.

Construction Project Manager in Denver:
"Political, stress level, even tempered."
Pros: Rewarding when done right.
Cons: Pay for work expected.

Construction Project Manager in Lakeland:
"You Get What You Pay For."
First if you don't like what your doing please spare all of us and Find that first. We All should aspire to be self governing and honest with one self set the example for honesty don't the hand that feed you alway try to help those less fortunate than yourself love what you do and it with urgently and passion it is contagious and others will learn.

Construction Project Manager in San Francisco:
"Great opportunity for those who can do."
Pros: I have endless opportunities to learn and develop. Smart employees who demonstrate capability are promoted quickly and based upon their strengths. Management seems willing to make changes based on employee ideas/suggestions. I have the freedom to do my work as I think it should be completed as long as it meets or exceeds company expectations. People recognize our brand and those who are familiar with our product know it carries great value.
Cons: The support for my position is limited and many times there are tasks that I must complete due to the inability of others to finish them. Management, while willing, doesn't seem to be able to make the changes that are most necessary to fix what is obviously afflicting the company. Much of the culture of the company is derived from the Japanese "mothership", which makes us less agile here in the US. There is very little guidance as to best practices and means, which leads to inconsistency in the level of quality achieved between projects.

Construction Project Manager in Seattle:
"Project Scheduling."
As quickly as possible, find out everyone's skill level and general willingness to take instruction. Use that knowledge to delegate tasks to optimize efficiency and high quality. Develope a rapport with each person and keep positive. If they see you upset it will upset them, so stay cool and project leadership. You'll want everyone to count on you for answers, be sure you can give them one without coming off as inept or totally useless. Keep your materials, equipment, tools, and safety gear all in exceptional order. I've found if you focus the majority of your energy on the above that the remainder tends to be easier to handle. There will always be times more stressful than others. Stay true to you're employees and you'll get through it.

Construction Project Manager in Delray Beach:
"Fun, Fabulous, Creative Opportunity."
Organization is the key.

Construction Project Manager in Grand Rapids:
Pros: Putting the right person on the right job.
Cons: Pressure.