Creative Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Creative Director?

Creative Director in Chicago:
Pros: The city itself.
Cons: Commute and pollution.

Creative Director in Florida:
"Fun In The Sun."
Pros: Florida is state that is all year round beautiful weather. Its a fast paced and challenging atmosphere with the colleagues. We challenge each other to create innovative and exciting designs.
Cons: The cost of Living is High and the traffic and drivers are horrible.

Creative Director in Kansas City:
"KC is a very creative community."
Pros: Kansas City has a lot of creative energy with lots of creative people competing for the best creative jobs. The city is a great place to live with a reasonable cost of living with lots of things to do such as galleries, sporting events, and great dining.
Cons: The city is quite homogeneous. There are not many cultural hot spots within the city such as a China Town or other diverse cultures. It is a rather conservative city. The jobs for higher creative levels is more limited than in larger cities.

Creative Director in Seattle:
"Best Dream Job!"
Pros: I love the collaboration and strategic thinking that comes with this position. Each week I have a new creative project that I dream up and then follow to fruition. It's wonderful.
Cons: Haven't really found a negative that is greater than a simple change in direction.

Creative Director in Clearwater:
"Expect to work longer hours than others in the company."
Keep learning and increasing your skills no matter your age or time on the job. Stimulate your creativity often. Schedule time to get up and walk around to get the blood flowing. Sitting at a computer all day long and even through lunch is a bad habit to get into and not conducive to creative thinking or problem solving.

Creative Director in Montgomery:
"Ask for a higher salary to begin with."
Don't underestimate your value.

Creative Director in Phoenix:
"Level of in-house talent."
Understand the people you work with as soon as possible: their backgrounds, their education, their drive, their passion, and their goals.