Creative Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Creative Director?

Creative Director in Arlington, Virginia:
"Great Location for working."
Pros: atmosphere, restaurants, close to DC
Cons: Traffic

Creative Director in Ligonier, Indiana:
"Not much to do."
Pros: Places to live that are close proximity to work.
Cons: High cost of living (for a 1 bedroom apartment), not much to do or see, only a few restaurants that aren't fast food and one small grocery store. You mostly have to drive out of town to Elkhart or Fort Wayne to have any form of entertainment on the weekends.

Creative Director in Atlanta, Georgia:
"It's peaceful."
Pros: The city is a haven in the south. I like Atlanta.
Cons: Traffic.

Creative Director in Cincinnati:
"Be aware of burnout."
The design field is extremely competitive & stressful. If you don't figure out how to pace yourself, and find balance in your life, you will burn yourself out before you hit 40. Try to connect with and surround yourself with people whose company you enjoy, because it makes the day much more bearable even when the work isn't as exciting as you hoped.

Creative Director in Newark:
Pros: Close Commute.
Cons: Too many people, cost of living.

Creative Director in Austin:
"Managing creative projects."
Pros: The creativity and working with creative people. The satisfaction of holding a finished product in my hands, and it's beautiful and helpful. Being inspired by meeting and interviewing interesting people. Networking and being an ambassador for the brand and the product that I care deeply about.
Cons: When there's a lack of vision or the vision is poorly defined. When the goal is not well communicated and when goals are changed mid-stream without a good analysis of what the change will cause. Whenever people don't do what they agree to do.