Credit Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Credit Analyst?

Credit Analyst in Fargo:
Pros: -Coworkers: good, respectful rapport with lenders and other analysts. -Job function: I enjoy working through commercial credits and identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly in underlying credits. -Company: I feel respected and appreciated by upper management.
Cons: -Sedentary work style: one of the few things I dislike comes natural with a "desk job" and that is just sitting all day.

Credit Analyst in Miami:
"Great Learning Experience; Interesting Job."
Pros: Degree of autonomy in my responsibilities. Great Team around me. Ability to learn ins and outs of multiple industries. Good working experience. Hands on management that always looks to help and improve. Challenging and interesting job functions.
Cons: Long hours. Long commute from where I live. Limited upward mobility. Salary.

Credit Analyst in Fairfield:
Cons: PAY.