Credit Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Credit Analyst?

Credit Analyst in Cleveland:
Pros: Good perks, culture, benefits, and opportunities.
Cons: Pay isn’t enough, location, employee ranking system.

Credit Analyst in Chicago:
"Good intro level job where you learn a lot, lots."
Pros: The pay is good for entry level and the hours/workload could be worse.
Cons: Little room for growth/little growth in pay. Work can be boring and reptitive. Lots of regulation and detail that can get exhausting.

Credit Analyst in Johannesburg:
"Tough and difficult to find a place to stay, traffic congess."
Pros: Most things are happening here, close to everything I need. Jobs and business opportunities are plenty here.
Cons: Traffic jam, and cellphone theft, drugs.

Credit Analyst in Morgantown:
Pros: You are paid to give your opinion on the risks of proposed deals.Good company/management. Stable employment.
Cons: No/limited upward mobility options available due to small size of company. Sedentary work environment. There is nothing exciting about analyzing/underwriting someone else's risk taking.

Credit Analyst in Green Bay:
"Love it."
Pros: Interacting with all levels of people and solving issues.
Cons: Too many cook in one kitchen.

Credit Analyst in Denver:
Pros: The people here are great. The job is flexible enough to where you can take on assignments if you'd like to.
Cons: There is a lot of pressure to make quick decisions and not drag out the underwriting process.

Credit Analyst in Omaha:
Pros: Flexible hours, analysis, morale boosting company events.
Cons: Lack of growth opportunities, high management turnover.