Credit Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Credit Analyst?

Credit Analyst in Salt Lake City:
"Pleasantly Suprised."
Pros: I love that they are continually progressing and looking for ways they can improve not only with their customers but with their employees internally and they are not afraid of constructive criticism or to admit when something that they tried didn't work out.
Cons: The commute, it's farther from my home than would be ideal.

Credit Analyst:
Great company with great benefits all around. The only thing that could use improvement, and is actively being researched is “performance management” Give those who work hard more than those who do the bare minimum!

Credit Analyst in Tampa:
Pros: Helping patient understanding there financial issues
Cons: Lunch being 39 mins

Credit Analyst in Tampa:
Pros: Being a person in an environment that can bring positive vibes to someone terminal I’ll or just lost a love one
Cons: Lunch need to be an hour

Credit Analyst in Athens:
"I love Athens."
Pros: It’s near my house
Cons: People think it’s ok to encourage prayer at work

Credit Analyst in New York:
"Fast paced and busy."
Pros: Energetic and buzzing atmosphere.
Cons: Dirty and long commute, and high rent.

Credit Analyst in Phoenix:
"Very reasonable cost of living."
Pros: Quality of life is high due to reasonable cost of living.
Cons: Lack of commumity spirit and commitment.