Crew Leader Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Crew Leader?

Crew Leader in Houston:
"Find out if the money's going to match the work."
Do your best and stay productive. Strive for excellence.

Crew Leader in Ottawa:
Pros: The people that I work with are awesome and the jobs not too bad.
Cons: There is alot of dramavin the workplace.

Crew Leader in Grand Junction:
"I loved it."
Pros: I loved the food, people, and simplicity.
Cons: None.

Crew Leader in Jackson:
"All around great experience."
Pros: What I like most is the customer service.
Cons: What I didn't like was all the work the grill men have to do. I just feel like they should get paid a lil more then the other positions.

Crew Leader in Los Angeles:
"Head ache."
Pros: Learning about managing labor and money deposits as well as dealing with a guest appropriately.
Cons: Manager is hardly there and changes time card to seem he worked more.

Crew Leader in Williston:
Pros: Taking care of employees and safety.
Cons: No budget, no equipment necessary.

Crew Leader in Seneca:
Pros: The people I work with are the reason I even stay at firehouse.
Cons: Everything else in the job it's stressful and we have no benefits.