Crew Leader Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Crew Leader?

Crew Leader in Phoenix:
"Besides the heat in the summer time I'd say it's pretty good."
Pros: Seems to be a steady flow of work and usually good weather does not interfere with her work schedule.
Cons: The summertime heat is ridiculous to do physical labor outside during the summer.

Crew Leader in Buffalo:
"Work hard."
Work hard every minute of your job and love it. Otherwise find a new job.

Crew Leader in Savannah:
"Top ranked painter."
New and old construction. .. Putty, caulk, brush, roll, shield and spray, stain work, foe finnish, ceiling texture, industrial, Comercial, exteriors, epoxy, bondo, lacquers, oils... SPRAY- Cabinets, exteriors, walls ,ceilings ,trim, fences..ect.. Paint new construction homes for konter home builders, and do insurance work for serve pro, and coastal construction. Ive been with this same company for most all my 15 yrs, very dedicated and devoted to my job..i consider this my hobbie aswell...

Crew Leader in Zionsville:
"It's just ok."
Pros: Nothing any more.
Cons: Working to much and less pay.

Crew Leader in Hot Springs:
Pros: I loved pleasing my customers knowing that I made them happy was the best part of my job. I loved my team and expressed creativity in exploring new ways to sell new products.
Cons: Insufficient management.

Crew Leader in Seagrove:
"Its alright."
Pros: My bosses are nice people who will really work with you.
Cons: Management is too laid back, rules are not inforced.

Crew Leader in Bolingbrook:
"Great leading the team."
Pros: Very hard working crew members that are willing to do what they are told to do.
Cons: Service time must be kept low even though our Wendy's store is the busiest in the district.