Custodian Janitor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Custodian Janitor?

Custodian Janitor in Macon:
"My life as a Custodian."
Pros: I love the people I work around, as well as my co-workers. The children are nice, and the teachers in my building like me also.
Cons: I think that the rate of pay should be higher. Some times my female co-workers are kind of back-stabbing toward each other.

Custodian Janitor in St. Louis:
"It can be exciting sometimes."
Pros: I love working around the kids they make my day
Cons: There's nothing least I don't like working here in St. Louis

Custodian Janitor:
I love my location, co-workers, and the kids, and teachers. I believe that this is one of the best jobs that I have had. My boss Ms. Jeanne Thomas is so easy to work with and talk to, I am so glad to tell anyone who will listen.

Custodian Janitor in West Palm Beach:
Pros: Nice place
Cons: Rain

Custodian Janitor in Savannah:
"Savannah the great!"
Pros: The different people I encounter and beautiful scenery! Savannah has a rich history race and culture. This is a great. Place to be an entrepreneur. There are always visitors from all over the world. There is something to do.
Cons: Sometimes traffic can be horrible. People can be a tad rude and the heat can be miserable. Some of the roads may need a little repair. Resturaunts are great and plenty. Other than that nothing major is to bad about this city.