Customer Service Agent Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Agent?

Customer Service Agent in Greensboro:
"Great weather, friendly people."
Pros: Not too much traffic
Cons: Taxes

Customer Service Agent in Mayville:
"Working in Maryville, TN is great."
Pros: Short commute. Low cost of living.
Cons: Low pay. Not much family oriented things to do.

Customer Service Agent in New Delhi:
"Its fantastic."
Pros: My company management, my company staff, no stressful work and no racism etc.

Customer Service Agent in Raton:
Pros: Working with children and families to make their lives better is very rewarding. Teaching children that they can grow and learn from their experiences and then to see the growth they have accomplished.
Cons: The pay is not great at all. If it wasn't for the love of my job I probably would have looked elsewhere by now.

Customer Service Agent in Anaheim:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Secure/stability. Benefits and commute.
Cons: The hours, pay. Work environment.

Customer Service Agent in St. Petersburg:
"Employer would be more attentive to our needs."
To know the person they're hiring and just look at them as a number.

Customer Service Agent in New York:
"Learned a lot and gained experience."
Pros: Working with great agents. The flexibility of working or taking time off. Enjoying meeting new people.
Cons: Getting rifted out of my office when 9/11 happen. Took away 1week vacation 1week of sick time 5days of holiday pay and never had a pay increase for 10years. Had too many layout.