Data Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst in Columbus:
"Low stress level."
Pros: The management and flexibility.
Cons: No present opportunity for growth within company.

Data Analyst in Kansas City:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Good management. Good corporate culture and healthy work life balance. Low Stress Leels.
Cons: Lack of continuous training.

Data Analyst in Charlotte:
Pros: The people.
Cons: The stress.

Data Analyst in Philadelphia:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Good learning opportunity, gets to interact with different group of people to fill their reporting needs.

Data Analyst in Marietta:
Pros: Opportunity to make a difference.
Cons: No real leadership and direction.

Data Analyst in Scottsdale:
"No love for technology."
Pros: Flexibility of Schedule, Casual dress.
Cons: Workload, Dull Company Culture, High stress level, poor level of technical resources, Tiny monitors, restrictive IT policies and turnaround.

Data Analyst in Houston:
"Analyst Summary."
Pros: Something new everyday.
Cons: Politics.