Data Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst in Middletown:
"Compelling and low stress job yet laborious."
Pros: Autonomy. Seeing results and statistics. I am capable of it. Detecting issues.
Cons: Not challenging enough. Boring at times.

Data Analyst in Norcross:
"Medium stress, enjoy the challenges."
Pros: There's always something new to do with data, and I'm always learning something that makes me rethink my own past decisions, so I take work I'm proud of and make it better over time.
Cons: Billable hours can be frustrating.

Data Analyst in Fallon:
"My decisions determine charges to allotment pools."
Pros: I like being involve in improving efficiency, the development of new processes, the creation of standard procedures, and the construction of new systems. I like being recognized as knowledgeable, and used as a resource for information and planning. I like that my job is usually flexible to family issues should they arise.
Cons: I don't like being limited to working only from the office. I detest managers who know very little, yet act as if they know all, to the detriment of the whole organization. I hate having to look busy if I get ahead of schedule.

Data Analyst in Denver:
"I like the company culture, however not technical postion."
Pros: The people I work with are great, very team oriented.
Cons: For a data analyst position, it is very automated and "push buttons". Not very much analysis or SQL use.

Data Analyst in Nashville:
"Work flexibility, co-workers, attmosphere."
Pros: Work flexibility of working from home.

Data Analyst in Atlanta:
"Creative problem solvet."
Pros: Freedom to create and problem solve on data needs.
Cons: Multitask balancing workload.

Data Analyst in Novi:
"David's review."
Pros: My Co-workers and supervisor are very helpful. The hours of operation are great .
Cons: Pay.