Data Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst in St. Petersburg:
"Organizing data, data error correction."
Pros: Organizing data, using analytical skills to figure out crucial information that may be missing or erroneous.o.
Cons: Long hours, long hours, long hours.

Data Analyst in Dover:
Pros: Close to mountains, ocean, cities. Tons of good restaurants nearby.
Cons: Far from home.

Data Analyst in Madison:
"Good place to raise kids."
Pros: Good schools, small, friendly.
Cons: Very liberal.

Data Analyst in Patuxent River:
"Good place to work."
Pros: The area is nice and safe. The amenities here like the gym are easily accessible.
Cons: The commute in the evening is horrible. If you come in after 7 AM the morning commute is just as bad.

Data Analyst in Santa Monica:
"Working in Santa Monica."
Pros: Santa Monica is a great place to work.
Cons: Traffic is sometimes terrible going past the 405 freeway.

Data Analyst in Woonsocket:
"Great company."

Data Analyst in Burlington:
"Corporate culture, work flexibility, office conditions, str."
Pros: Corporate culture, work flexibility, office conditions, stress level, perks, the management.
Cons: Work load and no appreciation.