Data Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst in Seattle:
"Data Ninja."
Pros: Working with many different databases and software languages to build ad-hoc, custom solutions to frequently changing customer needs. Learning new programming languages.
Cons: SAP integration with many clients, difficult HR.

Data Analyst in Appleton:
"Tell me about money."
Pros: They pay me, little, but money.
Cons: The pay me very little. Slavery is illegal, kind of.

Data Analyst in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Writing queries, free food, doing analysis, forecasting, creating graphs, creating presentations, flexibility to schedule.
Cons: Communication, menial tasks unrelated to job, not feeling valued.

Data Analyst in Austin:
"Good Place To Work."
Pros: Yodle has a casual, yet performance-driven culture that fosters professional development.
Cons: As likely typical with most companies, communication from management is not great. Because things move so fast here, they're not able to be as proactive as would be desired.

Data Analyst in Nashville:
"Being A Data Analyst Is Too Narrow For Responsibilities."
Pros: I enjoy working with multiple technologies, both communicating progress and where a project is at and getting into the meat of TSQL and other database languages.
Cons: You will not be appreciated for all the multiple hats you will have to wear. Often I find myself leading discussion with clients and brokers that go far beyond a technical mindset.