Daycare Teacher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Daycare Teacher?

Daycare Teacher in Troy:
"I feel like you should have your heart into teaching."
Pros: I really love my students.
Cons: To many things that need attention too.

Daycare Teacher in Arlington Heights:
"I love working with the children. The staff is very supporti."
Pros: The children and families Being able to help them and make a difference in their lives.
Cons: I can't think of a bad experience.

Daycare Teacher in Omaha:
Pros: Working with the children and building relationships with them.
Cons: Draining in more ways than one.

Daycare Teacher in Fort Worth:
"I love working with kids."
Pros: I like teaching kids spanish.
Cons: I feel like I do too much and dont get paid enough.

Daycare Teacher in Detroit:
"Children use a lot of naughty words."

Daycare Teacher in Appleton:
"Early Childhood is a rewarding career."
Pros: I most enjoy seeing the smile on the children's faces when the realize they have reach a developmental milestone. Comforting them when another child has hurt them. Teaching them skills they will need when they get into school.
Cons: Bad management, teacher that complain about the way things are in the center.

Daycare Teacher in Lawrenceville:
"A Bridge to our Future."
It's a calling know our future.