Daycare Teacher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Daycare Teacher?

Daycare Teacher in New Haven:
"Working in a daycare setting."
Pros: What I like most about my career is the joy of seeing the children learning new task. Take for example child A has just learned how to ask for more juice and now knows how to catch the ball when I toss the ball towards him.
Cons: What I care least about in my career is that there not guaranteed that there will be enough staff to to cover the classroom and that some days there might only be 2 teachers to cover a class that has a room full of Infants.

Daycare Teacher in Houston:
Pros: Playing with the kids, is like having a lot of kids of your own .
Cons: Just like when yoi get stressed with your children. Some picky parents. Some of them like to blame you for everything.

Daycare Teacher in Albuquerque:
"Very busy, Stressful, and fast paced."
Pros: Being able to make a difference in a child's early life.
Cons: The pay and the corporation in which we work for.

Daycare Teacher in Houston:
"Every day is different."
Pros: Great teaching partner. I like it when I see the kids learning and enjoying it. And the pride they feel when they share what they learn with their parents.
Cons: The kids that refuse to behave no matter what you try. And their parents that enable their bad behavior. And the pay needs to be more for what we do and competitive with other day cares. And the fact that theres no time off durring summer and holidays like the school district.

Daycare Teacher in Bryan:
Pros: You get to see the children grow, hours are great when you are a full time college student.
Cons: Stressful, having to clean up body fluids everyday, having to be the only person trying to discipline a child because the parents won't do it.

Daycare Teacher in Louisville:
Pros: Easy work.
Cons: The student.

Daycare Teacher in Hackensack:
"How important it is to have a degree."
Make sure your certified. Always make the child feel comfortable as well as ghe parents.