Deli Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Deli Clerk?

Deli Clerk in Georgetown:
"It isn't great."
Pros: I liked that a could give so much to the customers.
Cons: The pay was so low it was difficult to live. The raises were few and far between.

Deli Clerk in Bellingham:
"Deli drama, and a boss who plays favorites."
Pros: Set schedule, and enough hours to give at least 30+ hours a week. Also health insurance.
Cons: Management plays favorites, I don't ever get requested days off, most weeks I only get one day off.

Deli Clerk in Manchester:
"Overall Job."
Pros: Hours are flexible, the people I work with day to day make my job incredible, and the customers that are regulars that you eventually look forward to seeing when they come in.
Cons: It can be extremely stressful, we can have 25 people waiting, with a 40 plus minute wait time. Each of those people are staring are you, and many are starting to get very angry and impatient. I've had a few customers throw things at me when they were not satisfied.

Deli Clerk in Tampa:
"I love working as a deli clerk but hate where I wotk."
Pros: 1 person that works there I actually like seeing and working with and getting to help customers and mskih sure they get exactly what they want.
Cons: The hours, The pay, The other workers like starting drama with each other and I don't want to be around that, The manager place favorite with 2 of the workers etc.

Deli Clerk in McKinney:
Pros: The health insurance it's really good compared other similar places to work.
Cons: They do not appreciate when you're a good employee. And their business it is always first. Unfortunately it is like that almost all work places.

Deli Clerk in Pompano Beach:
Pros: Meet and great new customers. Help them serve and give them ideal want to have for dinner.
Cons: Cleaning up the whole deli station from the morning shift. Every week have to break down the case and be short handed.

Deli Clerk in Farmington:
Pros: Very Good on working with your schedule, Staff is very nice.
Cons: Pay is minimal, work long late hours.