Delivery Driver Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Delivery Driver?

Delivery Driver in San Diego:
"Company was sold."
Look for companies that will promote from within.

Delivery Driver in Huntsville:
"Good job for retired man with partial physical disability."
Pros: Meeting new people and cars.
Cons: Waiting time with nothing more to do.

Delivery Driver in Decatur:
Pros: It pays ok for my age.
Cons: Lot of work, late days start at 8 in the morning and end or days at 6 or 7 a clock, bad comunacation.

Delivery Driver in Houston:
"Repetitive very repetitive..."
Pros: The fact that it's a short commute and its in my hometown and I know most of the people that I work with.
Cons: The pay sucks . And the equipment is very outdated and almost unsafe .

Delivery Driver in Greenville:
"Helping people be mobile."
Pros: I like being part of a team that is professional and has a genuine mission to provide auto parts to their customers.
Cons: The distance I have to commute to my particular store. Not enough hours or a regular work schedule for delivery drivers.

Delivery Driver in Moses Lake:
Pros: Great people, wonderful food, good tips.
Cons: Sometimes too many drivers on shift.

Delivery Driver in Lake Orion:
"My life."
Pros: Feels like I'm my own boss no time restrictions.
Cons: Christmas is heavy work.