Dental Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistant in Wichita:
Pros: Help people to get rid of pain.
Cons: Stress.

Dental Assistant in Mahwah:
"Under paid and over worked."
Pros: Making money and communicating with patients.
Cons: The low income and the felling of being below everyone on office.

Dental Assistant in Robbinsdale:
Pros: Money.
Cons: Some long hours.

Dental Assistant in Tampa:
Pros: I Love helping people through their fears of the dentist.
Cons: That is very stressful and know one thanks you in management.

Dental Assistant in Macon:
"Very physical job."
Go to Dental Hygiene school if you plan on staying in the dental scene! You will never make near what you deserve!

Dental Assistant in Prescott:
"I coup with the each day."
Pros: Knowledge.
Cons: Stress.

Dental Assistant in Baltimore:
Pros: Learning.
Cons: No communication with manager.