Dental Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistant in Baltimore:
Pros: Learning.
Cons: No communication with manager.

Dental Assistant in Tampa:
"Dental Assisting."
Pros: The patients and my coworkers are awesome. Working with my hands is fun.
Cons: On foot the entire day. Little praise for effort. No unanimity.

Dental Assistant in Burien:
Pros: Helping others and keeping a safe work environment.
Cons: If I didnt like what I do, id change it but there is alot of stress at times.

Dental Assistant in Aurora:
Pros: The patients are wonderful and employees are very friendly and easy to get along with.
Cons: I'm the only assistant in the office so everything is on me and if it does not get done I get into trouble or written up for something the doctor did. The orders comes in late and I get yelled at because we do not have the item.

Dental Assistant in Metuchen:
"Is thus right."
Pros: I been woeking for them for 3 years I started with no experienced at all but I have learned and I got the xrays license pretty much am the one that control everything in the office I so labwork labcases I think I am a good assistant.
Cons: Thw people some they jist dont want to help.

Dental Assistant in Coquille:
"Ever changing Environment."
Pros: The technology that the industry is developing and the newer practices that make dentistry more profitable and more comfortable for the patient.
Cons: Management techniques from my employer.

Dental Assistant in Dillingham:
"Challenging and Rewarding."
Pros: I travel to remote locations to help provide care to people who wouldnt get it otherwise. These people live in areas you can only get to by plane or boat. Theres no roads leading to them. For them traveling to see a doctor could cost them a couple thousand. We come to them.
Cons: Its to expensive to fly out to see my own family. My potential to learn new skills and advance is impeded due to the limited services we can provide.