Dental Office Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Dental Office Manager?

Dental Office Manager in Beaverton:
Most importantly be ready to multi-task. At one time there may be multiple items you are working on and still need to stop everything for a phone call, patient, or employee. Private Practice Dentistry requires a smile and constant mediating.

Dental Office Manager in Fair Oaks:
Starting out as a dental assistant is a priority if you want to excel quickly as an office manager. People skills, communication, and multi tasking are a must. Learn to excel in those qualities. Take as many continuing education courses that is offered to you. Always look ahead for changes ie: insurances, technology and take the necessary step to learn about them.

Dental Office Manager in Chalfont:
"Detailed job description."
Get a detailed job description in writing.

Dental Office Manager in Newport Beach:
Be good at making and finishing long, long to-do lists!

Dental Office Manager in Staten Island:
"Best thing ever."
Pros: Working with all different dental insurance. Computer programming eagle soft.
Cons: Low paid salary. Working for less hours.

Dental Office Manager in Douglasville:
"Do You Really Care About Others?"
You need to really care about other people to do this job. When a person breaks a tooth it may not be hurting right now but it is an emergency to them whether you have time on the appointment book or not. You need to be ready to work hard everyday and be able to leave your problems at home, or wait until lunch to talk with the other employees. Be a good listener, and be patient. You will have the time to finish what you are doing when the patient get finished talking. Have a smile on your face and be ready to work with the patients that call the office. You may have to eat lunch at your desk like I do but my job means the world to me because I love the patients that come to us but it will be worth it. Always pay the bills on time it is someone else credit you are keeping not yours. Most of all have FUN everyday if you do not enjoy working from the time you walk through the door you do not want this job.

Dental Office Manager in Bronx:
"Be informed."
Make sure you research your prospective employers.