Dental Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Dental Office Manager?

Dental Office Manager in Anaheim:
Pros: Helping people both employee and patients.
Cons: Do not get paid nearly enough.

Dental Office Manager in Long Beach:
"That it wouldn't keep up with the cost of living."
Negotiate your pay better.

Dental Office Manager in Washington:
Pros: Making patients happy.
Cons: Stress from patients and insurance companies.

Dental Office Manager in Great Neck:
"That I would be the only one running the practice."
Have a written contract on vacations, raises, 491k...etc. Be prepared for great attention to detail, and embrace the patients needs and concern...respect dr. Always, and complete any projects within a short deadline.

Dental Office Manager in Laguna Woods:
"Multitasking at it best."
Pros: I love the diversity. Always something to do.
Cons: Having to collect money or present treatment to people financially strapped.

Dental Office Manager in Bellevue:
"Valuing your work."
It's important to remember that everyone's contribution is important and to value yourself and others equally.

Dental Office Manager in Redondo Beach:
"To not let yourself get overwhelmed."
Everything doesn't have to get done in one day. Try not to stress yourself out. Don't let your job consume you.