Department Manager, Retail Store Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Department Manager, Retail Store?

Department Manager, Retail Store in Elizabeth City:
"Working with Lowe's is a good experience."
Pros: Being able help people love where they live.
Cons: What do I like least about working in Elizabeth city is none thing.

Department Manager, Retail Store in Monticello:
"Satisfying the customer."
Pros: Being able to assist in everyday decisions.
Cons: Conflicting directions.

Department Manager, Retail Store in Spartanburg:
"Working chaos."
Pros: The resposibilities are extremely stressful, but I thrive on the ability to manage the multitude of tasks required to be accomplished in any given day. I enjoy working with the public, resoving their issues and building lasting relationships. It is also satifying to manage a team of diverse personalities.
Cons: Even though the good greatly outway the bad. Every job has a bad side. The down side to my current job is the restrictions that prevent me from contributing to overall success of my company. I believe that these restrictions hamper the success of the company and my career.

Department Manager, Retail Store in Depew:
Pros: I like helping customers and listening to their stories.
Cons: The customers are sometimes horrible to deal with, but I can handle that. It's the management that I can't deal with. It's the constant lies, the constant change of policy to fit what they want at that time. It's confusing, irritating, frustrating etc.

Department Manager, Retail Store in Spearfish:
"Well balanced job."
Pros: Satisfying challenge at work. Some stress. Lots of responsibility. Need to make decisions that can result in thousands of dollars a day more or less in sales. Lots of meticulous detail work solving problems with onhands and replenishment.
Cons: Terrible pay. Will not negotiate pay. Avoid talking about pay. Excessive indoctrination of corporate culture.

Department Manager, Retail Store in Caruthersville:
"Good paying job."
Pros: Vacations & pau.
Cons: Too much wishy wash changes....not enough communication.

Department Manager, Retail Store in South Portland:
Pros: The people I work with.
Cons: Compensation.