Design Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Design Engineer?

Design Engineer in Midland:
"Midland Texas."
Pros: The people are friendly, you can make good money with little experience as well.
Cons: Cost of living is way to high. The city is crowded from all the people. You are hours away from any good activities such as the lake or a beach or a major city to visit.

Design Engineer in Nashville:
"The Good, The Bad then there's the traffic."
Pros: Many aspects of Nashville make it a wonderful place to work. Technolgy is starting to pick up with Google and AT&T adding fiber.
Cons: Traffic coming into Nashville from any direction is terrible. The city and state are quickly trying to fix the issues. Several expansions of existing roads are in progress around the city.

Design Engineer in Louisville:
"More trainings for beginners."
More trainings for beginners.

Design Engineer in North Haven:
Pros: Not in a busy area but close to New Haven for lunch options.
Cons: Not very walkable at all. Requires a car to get anywhere.

Design Engineer in Oconomowoc:
"What am I getting into."
There are many companies with many incentives. Try and find out all things that are included in your job. Who do you report to? What is expected of you? What is outside of your primary function. Knowledge is truly power.

Design Engineer in New York:
"Change the world."
Take your idea and chose your prafation.

Design Engineer in Greensburg:
Pros: Coworkers and the direct projects I work on.