Design Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Design Engineer?

Design Engineer:
Micromanaged by a sexist manager in a culture that doesn't reward work done and surrounded by rude employees. Received experience to get a better job elsewhere. Would not recommend this company to potential employees.

Design Engineer in Monett:
Pros: Small town, but with basic amenities and several restaurants
Cons: Far from City Life

Design Engineer in Kansas City:
Pros: I am from KC. I enjoy living and working in KC.
Cons: The traffic is bad in KC, and the winter weather is poor.

Design Engineer in Salisbury:
Pros: It is a nice quiet small town close to the beach.
Cons: The bad parts of town and the rme.

Design Engineer in Rancho Cordova:
"Best Rock-crawling Company."
Never stop learning. Be mindful of others; their time, space and tools. Don't be afraid to fail; every failure is just a new lesson learned that will make you better the next time around. Under-promise and over-deliver, no matter how small the task. Appreciate what otbers do well and learn from it!

Design Engineer in Lynchburg:
Pros: Not much traffic, low cost of living, outdoor activities.
Cons: Limited after work activities and job opportunities.

Design Engineer in Burlington:
Pros: Good shopping areas and places to eat.
Cons: Hard to find an apartment close by.