Desktop Support Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Desktop Support Technician?

Desktop Support Technician in Denver:
"Don't Waste Your Time."
Pros: Decent benefits, unlimited PTO, friendly coworkers
Cons: Little to no communication from management, extremely top heavy org, a small group of VPs routinely steamroll IT management to get what they want, and little to no support from middle management.

Desktop Support Technician in Boston:
"Amazing Place to Start."
Pros: The opportunity to grow and step into situations that are above your position, while working directly with senior staff and having their trust
Cons: Our parent company keeps outsourcing departments, Support went from team of 5 to just me and my manager (I was saved cause I was an intern).

Desktop Support Technician in Winston-Salem:
"I am newly arrived here."
Pros: It is an adventure getting used to a new place.
Cons: I don't know where a lot of things are located.

Desktop Support Technician in Washington:
"It’s excitinf."
Pros: The opportunity to be involved in world changing work
Cons: Commute

Desktop Support Technician in Southfield:
"Busy with a smile."
Pros: I like helping people with their IT problems. Most people at work don't understand computers and I help.
Cons: Unorganized leadership and annoying users.

Desktop Support Technician in Houston:
"Not bad."
Pros: Laid back, good and helpful co-workers.
Cons: Micro management, redundancy, no benefits offered at the moment.

Desktop Support Technician in Bridgewater:
Look to stay challenged, gain exposure and experience, learn new technologies and have a sense of urgency.