Diesel Mechanic Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Diesel Mechanic?

Diesel Mechanic in Roanoke:
"That the company will not give raises no matter how well you."
Work for accompany with pay rates in writing.

Diesel Mechanic in Tulsa:
"Hands on better than schools."
Trucks are changing so fast that schooling is a waste. Hands on with get you further.

Diesel Mechanic in Georgia:
Pros: Something different everyday.
Cons: Unorganized. Short handed staff. Horrible parts department. I feel micromanaged by my advisor. I do more than what my job title calls for.

Diesel Mechanic in Poplarville:
"Keep your head on a swivel."
Find the most knowledgeable grizzly old veteran at the place you work and be his go to helper. Dont act like you know everything, act like you want to learn and work hard. Do anything he asks of you. Make yourself useful. Watch out for yourself and others. Diesel mechanic is a very very dangerous job. Especially out on the side of the road. Always be watching everything.

Diesel Mechanic in Corona:
"Work procedure."
Tools make the mechanic.work learner strive for productivity ideas an ones knowekege to exceed is ibn ine desure to better them seleves an itgets ti nove on up when ovstacles xome ur way.

Diesel Mechanic in Savannah:
Get certified asap. They help also get evt.

Diesel Mechanic in Michigan Center:
Keep taking new jobs for pay increase.or you will watch your boss get rich for cutting your pay increase out.