Diesel Mechanic Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Diesel Mechanic?

Diesel Mechanic in Itasca:
"The deisel mechanic."
Pros: I like that we are always busy. My company allows us to work close to 60 hours a week. What I enjoy most are my coworkers. I like the group of people I work around everyday.
Cons: This job can really wear on your body. I'm 22 and my the end of the work day I feel 50. The work conditions can be rough too. The shop is outside so if it's a cold day I'll be cold all day. If it's a hot day then I'll be hot. It's also very easy to get stressed. At most times I'm the only mechanic so work can pile up. I don't feel like I get paid adequately for all that I do.

Diesel Mechanic in Harrison:
Pros: Ensure safety of drivers and school kids. Work with a great team. Always a challenge. Something new every day. Always learning. Tons of problem solving.
Cons: Can be slow. Some jobs more complex and require long lengths of time. No room for error when dealing with safety and well being of others.