Diesel Mechanic Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Diesel Mechanic?

Diesel Mechanic in Chester:
"Employee retension."
Tools are a mechanics best friend.

Diesel Mechanic in Vineland:
Pros: Gain a lot of experience.
Cons: The pay is low with no benefits.

Diesel Mechanic in Chesapeake Beach:
Pros: Close to home, easy access to parts in area Marine life.
Cons: The casinos are too close to residential arras.

Diesel Mechanic in Chicago:
Pros: The stiff that I do and accomplish in a profitable time.
Cons: The people that I work with and my pay I believe I should make way more.

Diesel Mechanic in NM:
Pros: Working on a variety of equipment and trucks. Also being able to gain experience operating different equipment.
Cons: The pay and not getting raises.

Diesel Mechanic in Colorado Springs:
Buy a ton of tools.

Diesel Mechanic in Chesapeake:
"Not for the slakers."
Hard work long hours dirty work very stressful.